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Our Volunteers

Family Promise has more than 1400 volunteers who give over 20,000 hours of service every year! Every congregation has a Volunteer Coordinator who organizes their hosting week.

What our volunteers are saying

"One of the mothers told me she was amazed that churches like King of Glory are willing to open their doors to families like hers who have hit rough times and have nowhere else to turn. She told me about her dreams for her family and her trust in God."

King of Glory volunteer

      When I was first approached to be an IHN volunteer for a dinner shift for Bethlehem Lutheran, I was apprehensive to say the least. The thought terrified me. I wanted to say NO with every bone in my body. My fears were compounded by my wondering what I could fix that everyone would like, how much I should make and what would I have to talk about with these 'homeless' people. I could have come up with a million excuses yet I knew deep down this would be a great opportunity for me, so I said yes and began my preparations.

My friend, Kristina, was willing to come to my aid and help me prepare and serve dinner at Peace Lutheran-the IHN host church. We decided we would make tacos for dinner that night. We arrived at Peace at 5:30 and had dinner set out by 6:00. The families fixed their own tacos, and some even came back for seconds.

Kristina and I filled our plates and sat down to have dinner with four families we did not know. Conversation was slow to come but that is to be expected when you have just met new people. The women in these homeless families wanted to share their backgrounds and tell us about their day; normal dinner conversation. Most of these stories were hard, down on your luck type stories, some bringing tears to your eyes. Their stories made me realize that even at my lowest point, I have never been that low and yet these IHN families are making strides at changing their situations.

After dinner, Kristina and I and the families cleaned up the food and dishes. The parents relaxed and the children played, a typical evening for a typical family in less than a typical setting. I helped to entertain a few of the smaller children and made small talk with the parents. At 8:00 the overnight hosts came. I made it through the evening! Tacos were a great choice and in my typical fashion, there was way more than enough food, all that worrying for nothing.

I left Peace Lutheran that night and reminisced with Kristina on the drive home that I had walked into this evening skeptical that my small contribution of a meal would change anyone's life, and little did I know that three hours later it would be my life that would be changed and blessed.

By Meghan Olson, Bethlehem Lutheran Church

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